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Mystery Audio - The Saint - Old Time Radio

Vincent Price (1947 1951)
62 Episodes (for now)
1 mp3 CD also available as audio CD

Leslie Charteris’ The Saint  aka Simon Templar has always been a particular favorite of mine (and of many if you look at the many languages it has been translated in, the radio shows, a detective magazine that once competed with Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, the TV show with Roger Moore, and the movies with stars like Louis Hayward, George Sanders and the dreadful Val Kilmer version).  It was with great pleasure that I discovered a few years ago that the complete –I think- The Saint radio show starring Vincent Price was available on CD.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was all perfectly legal, the work of a he’s got to be a bit crazy old time radio fan, and that 62 shows –to date- was only about 5 dollars plus postage and so on.  It is also possible to get audio CDs at 5 dollars a pop that contain about 2 episodes each.

Of course, this is old time radio so the sound is not in stereo and is sometimes a bit tinny and a bit scratchy but overall most of the shows on The Saint mp3 CD sound very good and, hey, the price is really right.  You also get the ephemeral around the show like the ads and stuff to make the listening experience a real time capsule.  Vincent Price, king of the horror pictures, famous for the voice on Alice Cooper’s Black Widow song, and bon vivant while alive, is very good as Simon Templar.  He brings the right amount of humour, British class, verbal agility, and just the right undertone of darkness to this most famous of mystery novel characters. Leslie Charteris’ humor is also very present in these shows as are, of course, damsels in distress and various scoundrels.

Listeners to the radio version of The Saint starring Vincent Price will hear a usually well-written show with good supporting actors and pretty decent sound effects and mood music.   Let’s not forget that radio was once what television is now, the medium that brought people together and sold stuff to them, so a lot of effort was generally put into old time radio shows.

Fans of old time radio and the adventures of Simon Templar will most certainly enjoy the mp3 CD they can get from this website.  Even cooler is the fact you can also get a sampler CD with lots of examples of other classic radio shows on it.  This is not only a brilliant marketing ploy but also because the guy who runs the joint really seems to care about classic radio.

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