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Mystery Books - Chris Holm - The Killing Kind

The Killing Kind
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The Killing Kind
Chris Holm
Mulholland Books 2015
306 pages


The Killing Kind is one hell of a good read. It is a quick-paced story of a hitman with who kills other hitmen but then becomes the target of another hitter. Chris Holm wastes no time setting up the story and then propels it forward with no extraneous filler. If you are looking for an entertaining and original thriller, this is it.

Michael Hendricks is a black ops Afghan war vet presumed to have been KIA. In fact, he is making amends for his past by taking out contract killers. True, he charges the intended target ten times the price on his head but this is not because he really wants or needs the money. Hendricks is ably (and conveniently) assisted by a computer wizard who can take out surveillance cams and provide identities and so on.

Hendricks first comes on the radar of an ambitious FBI agent Charlie Thompson. His latest hit also draws the attention of a Murder Inc. style syndicate who send Englemann, their best killer, after Hendricks.

Chris Holm is very good at maintaining keeping the reader focused on the events at hand and keeping a pace even those with the attention span of a goldfish will follow.

I doubt this is the kind of book you keep in your library to read again later on but it sure is fun the first time around. You will also lend it out to someone looking for a fun read.

Richard Lanoie

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