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Articles - Betrayal - CITY - Premieres Sept 29th 10 p.m.

Betrayal - CITY - Premieres Sept 29th 10 p.m.
Hannah Ware, Stuart Townsend, James Cromwell
Premieres Sept. 29th 10 p.m.

Betrayal is a Fall 2013 drama that will air on CITY Sundays at 10 p.m. Starting September 29th. This is a 13 episode series that should interest fans of mysteries and romantic dramas.

The show focuses on photographer Sara Hadley. She gets shot in the opening sequence of the show and the rest  is the story of what lead to that shooting. Sarah is a married mother of two who is having a gallery show. There she meets Jack McKutchen, a married father of two and there is a bit of a spark. In the next few days Jack will run into Sara and eventually these sparks will fly.

At the end of the episode Sarah learns her husband is going to be the lead prosecutor in the case of T.J. Karsten who is accused of killing his uncle Lou. She is knocked for a loop when she learns Jack is the in-house counsel T.J's father, real estate tycoon Thatcher Karsten.

Early on in the episode Thatcher Karsten, “After the first betrayal, there is no other.” He says this about Lou, his brother-in-law, whom  he thinks is stealing money. As he says this, Sara says tells her husband she does not remember the man she was talking to at the gallery show. This is her first betrayal.

The “who killed so-and-so”, or in this case, who shot Sara is a bit of a worn premise for a show. Betrayal is promising but this is a show you will have to follow every week if you want to know what is going on.

The pilot episode had a few weaknesses. The music buries some of the dialogue. It is also difficult to figure out exactly if a particular scene is happening the same day, that same evening, etc.

Richard Lanoie

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