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Mystery Books - Christa Faust - Choke Hold - Hard Case Crime

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Choke Hold
Christa Faust
Hard Case Crime 2011

Choke Hold grabs you by the throat and does not let go. In the second Angel Dare noir Christa Faust has lost none of the high energy, fast paced, shoot first and maybe ask questions later style that made the first thriller so good. Choke Hold has everything a reader wants: a solid character, good writing that does not F around, lots of action, more bodies than at a serial killer convention, and a tone all its own. Kindle version

Angel Dare is on the run again. She is waitressing in a diner in the middle of nowhere. She is more than surprised when her just as surprised ex-husband drops in to see Cody, his ultimate fighter son. Three men walk in and shoot up the place, the ex-husband, and  the owner. Angel and Cody are on the run.

Before, the Croatian mob wanted Angel to die up to her name. Now, somebody Cody works for wants to settle a score too. Angel will need all of her wits and experience to stay alive and keep her death bed promise to her ex husband to watch over Cody.

Choke Hold becomes a cross country chase with Angel, Cody, and his ultimate fighter buddy Hank trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys chasing Angel and the bad guys chasing Cody. Angel and Cody figure if he can make it to Vegas and the reality TV show he is to be a part of, Cody will be safe.

Choke Hold is a bit over the top, especially near the end, but that does not really matter. Faust has a knack for moving things along at a rapid pace and the reader is more than willing to go along on this wild and violent ride.

Some readers might find the ongoing story aspect of this thriller a bit annoying. It also means there is going to be more!!

You want to check out other Hard Case Crime paperbacks, they are a great bang for your buck.

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