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Mystery Books - Leslie Langtry - Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy

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Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy
A Greatest Hits Romance Mystery
Leslie Langtry
Leisure Books 2007
335 pages

Dubbed a mystery romance by the publisher, Scuse me While I Kiss This Guy is a comic novel about a soccer mom contract killer. There is a romance element in this over the top thriller but it plays second fiddle to the main story. This means a guy can enjoy this first book in Leslie Langtry s Greatest Hits Mystery series as long as he keeps the front cover hidden. Kindle version for 99 cent or sometimes FREE

Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy is the story of thirty-something widow Virginia, Gin Bombay. The Bombay family has been in the contract killing business since time immemorial. There is a family reunion every five years on Santa Muerte Island –Langtry is not afraid of the obvious-- where the family catches up and initiates the youngest kids into the family business. Gin becomes a bit stressed out when the elders call for a meeting only a year after the last one. This means she will have to reveal all to her five year old daughter

To add to her stress level, she is given a contract right in her neighborhood and, for the romance element, falls in love with a cute guy who just happens to be a professional bodyguard.

This is a very irreverent mystery. Langtry rides the outrageous elements of her story at full gallop and this makes for a very entertaining, lightweight read.

Other books in the Greatest Hits series include in order Guns Will Keep Us Together, Stand By your Hitman, and I Shot You Babe. Each features a different member of the Bombay family.

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