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Mystery Books - David Baldacci - Deliver Us From Evil - A Shaw Thriller

Deliver Us From Evil - A Shaw Thriller

Deliver Us From Evil
David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing 2010

When you get to the last page of Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci you will probably say amen. Shaw is an op for a para-governmental agency who takes out baddies. Reggie Campion is an op for a private para-governmental organization who takes out baddies. They have both targeted Canadian businessman Evan Waller aka a Ukrainian bad guy named Kuchin. Shaw and Reggie’s paths cross in Provence where Waller is vacationing. Skip to page 166.

Deliver Us From Evil is the second David Baldacci thriller featuring Shaw. The first was The Whole Truth. What you need to know from the first book is Shaw lost his wife and met a woman named Katie James. Shaw is now avoiding James. Shaw and Campion end up in Provence where Waller is vacationing. They both have a plan to separate Waller from his muscle. Shaw wants to kidnap him and make him talk, Campion wants to kill him.

More stuff sort of more or less happens. Skip to page 227 where a whole bunch of action finally gets going.

Action entails reaction. This means Shaw and Campion must unite to achieve their common goal. There are a whole lot of threats and so on to explain their respective agencies accepting this union. Much of this makes little sense and is of little interest.

More stuff happens, there is a climax, Shaw ends up feeling sorry for himself.

Shaw should also feel sorry for the reader who invested in Deliver Us From Evil by David Baldacci.

Baldacci is a good mystery novel writer but his Shaw series sucks.

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