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Mystery Books - Lawrence Block - Hit and Run - A Keller Mystery

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Hit And Run A Keller Mystery
Lawrence Block
Harper paperback 2009
304 pages

The latest (2009) Keller mystery novel by Lawrence Block makes for a good yarn if you are not too difficult when it comes to plausibility and have more than a healthy dose of willing suspension of disbelief at hand. Hit and Run is not up to Lawrence Block usual standards but it makes for a decent, easy read at the beach.

Keller is a hit man and almost ready to retire. His latest assignment brings him to Iowa where he is given his instructions and told to wait for the green light. He drops in a philatelist store to add to his stamp collection, learns the governor of Ohio and Presidential candidate has just been shot dead and that he is the guy who did it. Keller must leave town, manage to get home without being caught, find a new identity, and so on.

Not wanting to play spoiler, I will not reveal subsequent plot points that would spoil the fun. Suffice to say this is not the best Lawrence Block mystery ever. Block is a good writer though and his fans will stick with this one just because of the character and the odd bit of dark humor.

Hit and Run is very much a fun, lightweight read more than a serious thriller or mystery novels. Some story elements would not make it past a Hollywood movie’s most generous plausibility machine.

If you are not yet a fan of Lawrence Block, this is not the book to mark the “beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

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