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Mystery Books - Michael Connelly - The Scarecrow

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The Scarecrow
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company 2009
419 pages

Intrepid L.A. Times reporter Jack McEvoy returns (first appearance in The Poet, ed.) in The Scarecrow, a new Michael Connelly mystery. As a casualty of a faltering economy, faced with a two-week termination notice, McEvoy plans to go out with a roar by writing a crime novel worthy of  an Edgar (too late, Connelly’s done that even if Edgar won’t admit it, ed.) never dreaming he would be part of the biggest story of his life.

While most suspects claim innocence, Jack is drawn to investigate the case of 16 year old Alonzo Winslow, the accused killer of a young woman whose body is discovered in the trunk of her car. Inside information reveals a fraudulent admission of guilt while research by McEvoy’s beautiful, tenacious, and untrustworthy trainee unearths a virtually identical murder in Las Vegas confirming the chilling threat of an active serial killer.

Mystery novel readers have learned to expect quality entertainment from Michael Connelly. Connelly once again proves his skill as he cultivates our fears by transporting us into a dark world of cyberspace and depravity where trackers are being tracked and a calculating psychopath can play, manipulate, and ravage lives undetected and untraced, leaving his victims helpless and more often dead.

The Scarecrow is a brilliantly constructed thriller. The plot builds like the low rumble of an approaching storm as Connelly expertly lures us in to become voluntary captives for 419 pages.

When lightning strikes and the story explodes we feel the full cunning and the disturbing signature of the mastermind that is the Scarecrow.

Definitely at the top of his game, Connelly wows his audience. His clever mind of sheer genius is revealed in unexpected plot twists that thrill, shock, and surprise.

Expertly developed and set in contemporary America, the story, although fiction presents frightening possibilities that uncomfortably appear not too far removed from reality, contributing to an excellent, engaging read.

Likewise, The Scarecrow ‘s interactive hooks will interest and entertain both devoted fans and curiosity seekers.

One of the best Connelly mystery novels to date, you will want The Scarecrow on your bookshelf.

Visit Michael Connelly's website for some way cool extras.

J Curran

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