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Mystery Books - Harlan Coben - No Second Chance

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No Second Chance
Harlan Coben
352 Pages

No Second Chance by Harlan Coben is the kind of intense, action packed mystery adventure story that will appeal to fans of tough guy and procedurals alike. Any reader of the action mystery will love the first sentence of No Second Chance: “When the first bullet hit my chest, I thought of my daughter.” After reading that line standing at the shelf it was a no brainer to take the book to the cash.

Coben does not disappoint at any point in this novel. Coben does not trail red herrings before the reader and does not relent in the pace of the action. From the start of this first person novel we are firmly in Dr. Marc Seidman’s corner. Seidman is not a superman he is a man who is all too human who got married for the wrong reasons, stayed married for worse reasons and survives by escaping into his work. Like many parents though Marc has a saving grace in his love for his daughter which is the hub on which this story spins. As the first line of the novel makes clear Marc is shot and left for dead the fact that he can relate this to the reader is a give away that he survives.

While the story is relatively fast paced that doesn’t mean that Coben rushes the story. He is a patient writer taking the time to establish clear time lines, character and multiple storylines. As Marc Seidman goes in search of his daughter in the face of mounting pressure from the FBI the police and blackmailers the reader finds themselves having more and more difficulty putting the book down. This is a wonderful and exciting read and well worth your time.

Denis Bernicky

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