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Mystery Books - Karen Rose - Scream For Me

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Scream For Me
Karen Rose
448 pages
Grand Central Publishing (May 13, 2008)



Scream For Me by Karen Rose (coming in May, 2008) can either be seen as a sequel to Die For Me or a stand alone novel – it works either way. What works the most about Scream For Me though is the tight story telling, solid dialogue and well drawn character. Strong characters are not a frequent tool of many mystery writers who often rely on stock types to move along what are frequently plot driven stories.

Scream For Me benefits from a style which can initially be a little confusing. It takes about ten to fifteen pages to get settled with the episodic style denoted in the text by place, time and date markers which are not necessarily of great importance but do serve to warn the reader that voices and views are being shifted from one character to another or that locations are changing.

This is a complex story that has roots even deeper than the flash back starting point of the story. The rich back story is a feature which Karen Rose uses brilliantly to flesh out both characters and plot without giving away too much keeping the reader in sweet suspense. Scream For Me is first and foremost a suspense novel with minor features of a police procedural as part of the plot. Alex Fallon is thrust out of her comfort zone by a call from a child welfare worker from the town in which she was raised. The worker is looking for the next of kin and now guardian of a little girl named Hope the child of her half sister Bailey. The social worker is looking for Alex because Bailey has disappeared. Thus begins the arduous journey back to the town of Dutton, Georgia where her twin sister was murdered thirteen years before. Alex is barely back home when her nightmare is compounded by a string of murders which bear a striking resemblance to the murder of her twin.

Scream For Me is a solidly written, creepy and engrossing novel and well worth your time.

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