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Mystery TV

A Touch Of Frost - Seasons 11 and 12: A great British mystery TV series

A Touch of Frost Season 1: Season 1 of A Touch of Frost reveals the story of the George's Cross and Frost's wife. Tape quality picture though.

A Touch of Frost: Seasons 7 & 8:

A Touch Of Frost: Seasons 9 and 10: One thing that is immediately clear while watching any episode of this British television mystery is how superior to American fare the filming is.

Alcatraz - Premieres Jan 16th 8 p.m. CITY TV: Everybody on Alcatraz vanished in 1963 and the inmates are reappring 49 years later.

Blue Thunder - The Complete Series: Eighties action TV series that was short-lived.

Bones Season 4: Excellent and very odd crime TV show

Bones Season 4 Blu-ray: Excellent and quirky crime TV show

Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray: Excellent crime TV show.

Bonnie & Clyde: Very good 2 part A&E drama

Breaking Bad - Season 5 - Part 1: The first half of the final season of Breaking Bad - what will Walter do?

Breakout Kings - Season One: Cons help Marshalls recapture escaped criminals for time off.

Brilliant But Cancelled - TV Crime Dramas: Title says it all

Canterbury's Law The Complete Seeries: Margulies plays a criminal defense attorney in a cancelled series.

Charlie's Angels The Complete Third Season: Great mix of mystery television and jiggle.

Chuck Season 3 Blu-ray: Fun spy comedy

Chuck The Complete Season Four Blu-ray: Fun spy comedy a bit of an acquired taste but worth the effort.

Damages The Complete Third Season: Very good but demanding show

DCI Banks - Aftermath: First in an excellent BBC mystery series

Fringe - The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Great paranormal mystery TV series a bit on the gory side.

Fringe - The Complete Second Season: Odd but good mix of supranatural and mystery

Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente: By the numbers with crayons tv mystery.

Guns - CBC September 6th and 7th 2009 8 P.M.: Classic Canadian TV i.e. sucks

Hart To Hart:

Hill Street Blues: One of the best cop shows to ever be produced is available on DVD and worth adding to anyones collection.

Jesse Stone - Stone Cold DVD: Tom Selleck, now far removed from his Magnum P.I. series, is just the right guy to play the still somewhat alcoholic ex-L.A. cop

Jesse Stone - Thin Ice DVD: Fifth in the series and just as excellent as always.

Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise: How does a straight A student end up brutally murdered and floating in a local lake? Jesse Stone makes it his business to find out.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage: Jesse Stone leaves the LAPD to head up the police force in Paradise Massachusetts.

Kojak - Season One: Kojak featured great writing crammed in a one-hour

Lie To Me - Season 2: 22 episodes 6 DVD of a very good mystery TV show

LIe To Me - Season One: Very good and original TV mystery series 4 DVD 13 episodes for season 1

Lie To Me - The Complete Third and Final Season: Excellent TV mystery show but cancelled. 13 episodes 4 DVD

Lovejoy - The Complete Season Three: Antiques Roadshow meets larceny, intrique, and some comedy.

Luther - BBC Series: Very good if more violent and gory than your usual BBC mystery

Maigret Sets a Trap: Rowan Atkinson as Maigret takes some getting used to but eventually does the job

Medium The Complete First Season: Really cool I see dead people TV mystery show

More Than Murder: Stacy Keach is great as hardboiled detective Mike Hammer who quips as much as he beds.

Murder Me, Murder You: Murder Me, Murder You was one of the movies of the week that served as pilot episodes for the Mike Hammer television series

Mystery Woman - Sing Me A Murder: Mystery Women episode and decent made for TV mystery with Kellie Martin

Nikita - The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Second TV series based on Luc Besson thriller is quite good.

Numb3rs : The complete first season: The mathematician brother of an F.B.I. agent helps to solve crimes.

Person of Interest Season 2 Blu-ray + DVD + Ultraviolet: Season Two carries on the improbable success of Person of Interest. The hallmark of the second season is vulnerability

Pushing Daisies - The Complete Second Season: Very unusual and good comedy mystery TV show

Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost: Smart kid's mystery seen on Nickleodeon

Runaway The Complete Series: Quickly cancelled Donnie Wahlberg series gets some degree of closure.

Sherlock - Season One: Excellent 3 episode season with Holmes in 21st century England

State Of Play: Who topped the MP s mistress? Brilliant British mystery.

The Beast - The Complete First Series Patrick Swayze: Excellent but short-lived show about FBI agent Swayze and his rookie partner.

The Blacklist - The Complete First Season: The Blacklist is brilliant, not to be missed.

The Following - The Complete First Season: Former FBI agent Kevin Bacon has to stop machiavelic serial killer and his followers in excellent thriller series

The Glades - The Complete First Season: Very good TV mystery show with little gunplay and gore.

The Glades The Complete Second Season: Good mystery series if you get the romantic triangles out of the way.

The Mentalist - The Complete Second Season: Very good TV crime show.

The Mystery of the Floating Feet - CBC Newsworld 11-02 and 11-08 2009: Interesting documentary that solves little

The Pretender: A great series which translates well to DVD and holds up well over time.

The Quality of Life - A Dominic Da Vinci Movie: Follow-up movie to Da Vinci's Inquest and City Hall is fairly decent almost until the end.

The Republic of Doyle - CBC Wednesdays 9 P.M.: Fun and original TV mystery with a comic twist at times.

The Rookies The Complete First Season DVD Box Set: Classic seventies TV cop show is still fun to watch.

The Shield The Complete Series - 28 DVD 88 Episodes: Great crime TV box set also looks great.

The Sopranos Season 6 Part II: It's The Sopranos and the last episodes, what else do you need to know?

The Trojan Horse - CBC TV Political Thriller: Canuck runs for presidency in a speculative political thriller

White Collar The Complete First Season Blu-ray: Excellent mystery TV where master criminal helps FBI agent solve crimes.

Mystery! Inspector Lewis - Pilot Episode aka Reputation: First episode picking up after Inspector Morse series.

Henning Mankell - Wallander - BBC Series on DVD: Excellent BBC adaptation of Swedish mystery novel series

Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Episode 4 04/19/09: American mother asks Mma Ramotswe to find out what happened to her son.

Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency HBO April 4th and 11th 2009: Second episode of this HBO mystery TV series is good. Third is so-so.

Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Seaspon One: Excellent adaptation of the McCall Smith mystery series. 3 DVD 7 Episodes

Alexander McCall Smith - The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency Premiere HBO 03/29/09: TV adaptation of McCall Smith's mystery series is very well done.

Monk - Monk - Season Five: Former police detective Adrian Monk is back for his fifth season in this DVD collection.

Monk - Monk - Season Four: The fourth season of Tony Shaloub's award winning OCD and phobic detective. A great addition to any DVD library.

Monk - Monk - Season One: Plagued by OCD and neurosis of several varieties detective Adrien Monk still manages to solve crimes.

Monk - Monk - Season Three: Mr. Monk continues his crime fighting ways with a new assistant and more risk taking.

Monk - Monk - Season Two: His sophomore year is proof that the cozy is alive and well as an art form. Tony Shaloub is flawless.

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone : Sea Change DVD: Good stuff if subdued

The Mentalist - The Mentalist - Season One: CBI consultant Patrick Jane works tirelessly catching criminals in search of the serial killer Red John.

The Mentalist - The Mentalist - The Complete Third Season: Excellent third season though the focus on the Red John story makes other episodes weaker.

Court TV - Controversial Trials: Court TV crime documentaries on Sam Sheppard, The Chicago Eight, and Jeffrey MacDonald

Court TV - Mobsters: Biography style documentaries on Hoffa, Capone, and Gotti for crime fans.

Court TV - Serial Killers: Court TV Serial Killers features the Boston Strangler, Gacey, and the Night Stalker