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Mystery Movies

21 Hours At Munich: 21 Hours At Munich plays and sounds like the made for TV movie it is. It is the story of the taking of Israeli athletes as hostages during the 1972 Munich Olympics and the events that followed.

88 Minutes - Al Pacino: Great thriller with edge on your seat twists and turns.

A Night to Remember - Comedy Mystery: Fun comedy spoof of thirties and forties murder mystery movies including Thin Man.

A Slight Case Of Murder: Excellent mystery and comedy based on Donald E. Westlake novel

A Slight Case of Murder: Great adaptation of Westlake mystery novel. Brilliant in all possible ways.

A Soldier's Story: An absolute must have for any cinema fan.

After The Thin Man: The sequel is better than the original.

Agent #1: rare opportunity to get a movie about an aspect of Poland during World War 2

Alexandra's Project: Great psychological thriller.

Alien Nation: A great science fiction cop/buddy movie.

Already Dead: One hell of a movie. An absolute must see.

Another Thin Man: Being a married couple with a baby boy doesn’t slow down the social butterflies Nick and Nora Charles one iota.

Arabesque - Gregory Peck / Sophia Loren: Great political thriller with superb comic moments.

Bad Day At Black Rock: Classic Spencer Tracy mystery.

Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 2: 4 sort of film noir, 3 starring Cleo Moore on 2 DVD

Batman Begins Steelbook Blu-ray: Decent enough recreation of the Batman story

Batman: Under The Red Hood: Batman and Robin have a difference of opinion after Robin goes through a life altering experience.

Billion Dollar Brain: Based on the novel by the same name by Len Deighton.

Black Dawn:

Blood Simple Blu-ray: Superb first thriller by the Coen Brothers, the director s cut version

Blue Thunder: Cool action movie with helicopter shoot out scenes

Blue Thunder Blu-ray: LAPD chopper pilot gets way cool helicopter and uncovers conspiracy.

Blue Velvet Blu-ray: A David Lynch film ergo very weird really looks its best on Blu-ray

Body Double: Bizarre Brian De Palma mystery DVD keeps you guessing.

Bonnie And Clyde - 2-Disc Special Edition: Classic gangster movie.

Boomerang - Fox Film Noir: Great prosecutorial mystery.

Broken Flowers: A fifty something fading Don Juan whose girlfriends all basically look the same and all leave him

Brother Orchid - Warner Pictures Gangster Collection 3: Gangster comedy featuring florist friars in the end.

Bullets Or Ballots: Decent enough but not the best in this 4 DVD gangster movie set.

Burn After Reading: Coen Brothers take on the spy thriller, sort of, with their usual dark glee.

Cache / Hidden: The best mystery movie I have seen in four years.

Cash On Demand - Hammer Films Icons of Suspense: Excellent Cat and mouse suspense between bank manager and robber.

Casino Royale 2006: Simply the best Bond ever

Chrystal: Chrystal is definitely a keeper.

Cleaner: Guy who cleans up after a murder scene cleans up an uninvestigated murder.

Coffy: A fun to watch blacksploitation flick.

Cold Comes the Night - Bryan Cranston: Single mom is forced by gangster to get back the money he lost in excellent thriller.

Cop: Lloyd Hopkins an obsessive LAPD police officer who is the only one to see the mark of a serial killer.

Cover: Woman tries to prove she did not do it.

Crime Spree:

Dead Cert: This is a good stocking stuffer or gift for the Dick Francis fan and worth having a look at for any mystery fan though perhaps as a rental rather than as a purchase.

Death Of A President: Very realistic and prescient mockumentary

Debt Collector - Komornik: Interesting Polish drama

Deception - Hugh Jackman: Excellent if slow paced at first erotic thriller for those who like smart movies.

Dial 1119 - Film Noir Classic Collection 5: Escaped from asylum, gunman takes people hostage in a bar.

Dirty: A movie which had all the elements but didn't quite make it.

Dollars aka $: A not particularly interesting crime caper DVD

Domino: Based on the true story of Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley), daughter of film actor Laurence Harvey.

Doomed To Die - MGM Limited Edition Collection: B-movie mystery on decent enough print

Down 3 Dark Streets - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Pedestrian thriller with Broderick Crawford

Dressed To Kill Blu-ray: Good if self-indulgent DePalma thriller

Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson: Good thriller with Mel Gibson out to avenge daughter.

Empire Of The Wolves: This French thriller is a true winner.

Everybody Wins: A good dose of willing suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy this thriller.

Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift:

Film Noir Classic Collection 5 - Desperate: Decent thriller about man and wife on lam from crooks and cops

Film Noir: Man Hunt - Fritz Lang 1941: A lesser known Fritz Lang Film noir pristine on DVD

Firewall: A security specialist is forced into robbing the bank that he's protecting, as a bid to pay off his family's ransom.

Fox Film Noir - Road House: Very good film noir starring Ida Lupino

Foxy Brown: Part of the Pam Grier blacksploitation set.

Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai: This is a superb movie for the right audience.

Goodfellas Blu-ray Digibook: Henry Hill grows up to be part of the mob and tells the inside story. Brilliant Scorsese movie

Gumshoe - Albert Finney: British mystery DVD uses all the film noir tropes to good effect

Hard Luck: The Hard Luck DVD is difficult to describe

Harry Brown: Taking the law into his own hands was only a last resort but someone had to do something.

Heat Blu-ray Steelbook Edition: Excellent cop and robbers action drama with De Niro and Pacino

Heaven's Prisoners: A slow paced adaptation of James Lee Burke's second novel.

Henry s Crime: Stick to the trailer

Hickey and Boggs - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Bill Cosby and Robert Culp in noir 70s thriller.

Hitchcock - Spellbound Blu-ray: Decent enough psychological thriller with the Salvador Dali touch. Bergman and Peck star

Holes: Sent to a juvenile detention center in the desert where young Stanley Yelnats IV finds himself digging holes under the blazing sun all day in search of a special "something" the warden won't specify.

Hot Tamale: Cool mystery thriller comedy independent movie that is fun to watch.

Human Desire Fritz Lang Columbia Film Noir Classics II: Love triangle in railroad setting. Classic film noir.

I Confess - Turner Classic Movies Hitchcock Thrillers: This 2 DVD thriller set also features Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, and The Wrong Man

In Bruges: Two hitmen go hiding in Bruges for a while in this dark comedy crime movie

Innocent Lies: A good flick to pass the time with but won't stay with you.

Inside Man: A blackballed cop has to handle a strangely politically hot hostage situation where the hostage takers seem to know more than he does about everything.

Insomnia Blu-ray: Very good moody thriller with Pacino, Williams, and Swank

Into The Blue: A surprisingly strong movie.

Jack Reacher: The only suspect in a sniper shooting asks for Jack Reacher in the meantime Jack Reacher heads to the site of the shooting intent on seeing justice done after a sniper shooting kills five people.

Johnny Dangerously: A bizarre little send up of the classic mob movie.

Keaton s Cop: So bad it is almost funny but not quite cop movie with Lee Majors and Abe Vigoda.

Kick Ass: Just your everyday superhero - Kick Ass - well actually a student in a wet suit and a father daughter team dressed kind of like a Batman and Batgirl combo. Very much a comic book on screen and wonderfully executed as we see what can happen if someone decides to become a superhero just because they think it is the right thing to do.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Quirky film noir cop movie spoof and mystery on its own.

L'Enfant / The Child: Boyfriend sells girfriend's baby, boyfriend gets baby back, will he get the girl back?

Larceny, Inc - Warner Gangster Collection Vol. 4: Con man opens luggage store to break into bank and everything goes wrong in this gangster movie comedy DVD

Law Abiding Citizen: A quiet, law abiding citizen seeks revenge on those he feels failed himself and his family

Layer Cake: Complex Brit crime movie.

Le Couperet: Very good adaptation of The Ax by Donald Westlake

Lonely Hearts: Decent film noir and mystery DVD

Looker: Mystery meets techno science fiction in this pretty good thriller.

Luther: A 2010 BBC show about a brilliant detective who is called to investigate unusual crimes

Machete: Everyone thought he was dead - especially the drug cartel. But you cannot kill a legend.

Manhunter - The Hannibal Lecter Collection Blu-ray: First version of Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann fails to impress

Married Life: Interesting quasi film noir about a man, his mistress, his best friend.

Martha Marcy May Marlene Blu-ray: Girl contacts her sister after a two year absence. What happened and is she okay? Odd psychological thriller

Mata Hari: Soft core porn but not too bad a flick.

Mom Reviewed - Roxy Hunter - Secret of the Shaman: Young sleuth solves another mystery. Mom reviewed it and would ground Roxy Hunter for a month.

Mom Reviewed - Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid: Third Roxy Hunter DVD. The kids love it, Mom, not so much.

Mr. Brooks: Good thriller about a serial killer, his imaginary friend, and a tagalong

My Name Is A by Anonymous: Found footage film based on the murder by Alyssa Bustamante.

Mystic River Blu-ray: Superb adaptation of the Dennis Lehane mystery looks great on Blu-ray

North By Northwest: Alfred Hitchcock at his very best bringing out the best in his actors.

North By Northwest Blu-ray: Classic and still thriller Hitchcock movie about the wrong man.

Our Man in Havana DVD: Graham Greene adapts his novel for the screen with excellent results.

Oxygen: a psychological thriller with a good dose of suspense

Perpetrators Of The Crime: Tori Spelling gives a standout performance in an otherwise lackluster movie.

Picture Snatcher - Warner Bros. Gangster Collection Vol. 3: Ex-con Cagney tries to make good as photog with a comic twist.

Pretty Maids All in a Row: Pre-Kojak Telly Savalas is detective in strange comic sex romp movie

Public Enemies - The Golden Age of the Gangster Film: A great documentary DVD on the history of the gangster film or American film noir with lots and lots of clips.

Pushover - Columbia Film Noir Classics II: Good noir thriller, one of 5 in this collection

Restitution: Odd but good low budget movie about writer looking into insurance guy s death, or so it seems.

Revolver: I am you and you are me and we are all together.....

Robert Ludlum's Covert One: The Hades Factor: Long, convoluted, drawn out Robert Ludlum spy thriller DVD

Salt Blu-ray - Angelina Jolie: Excellent geopolitical thriller with lots of action

Shadow Of The Thin Man: Of course the fact that there was only one Thin Man case in the Nick & Nora Charles series of movies is never really addressed directly but...

Shaft Blu-ray: Still good Blacksploitation action movie with Richard Roundtree.

Sheba, Baby: Sheba, Baby is the third action DVD in the Vibe Fox In A Box set and is a good blacksploitation B movie.

Sherlock Holmes: Holmes and Watson investigate the unlikely resurrection of Lord Blackwood.

Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchie: This mystery has everything.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Blu-ray: Very good second Holmes starring Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack: Excellent version of the Conan Doyle mystery series

Shooting Gallery: A little violent, a little messy and very good.

Snatch: You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

Song Of The Thin Man: Nick Charles is going to retire, but not until he does one last thing...

Strangers on a Train - TCM Greatest Classic Films: Classic story everybody knows about but few have really seen is not bad.

Street Kings: Decent if messy who are the good cops here? DVD

Surrogates: Very good whodunit set in a near future.

Sybil - 30th Anniversary Special Edition:

Taken - Liam Neeson: Former secret agent and estranged father Liam Neeson must rescue daughter Maggie Grace from white slavers.

The Ambushers:

The Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 1: Typhoid Mary kind of tale part of 4 movie not quite film noir collection

The Betrayed: Brilliant thriller DVD, a keeper.

The Big Heat - Columbia Film Noir Classics 1: Cop goes after Mr. Big and pays the price.

The Brave One: Erica Bain actively seeks a new kind of therapy to recover from a NYC mugging in the form of a 9mm.

The Brave One: After her boyfriend is murdered a NYC radio hostess becomes a vigilante.

The Broken: Strange thriller all style no substance.

The Broken Star - MGM Limited Edition Collection: Cowboy movie meets mystery in B movie

The Da Vinci Code: A good adaptation of the novel

The Da Vinci Code: The two-DVD set of The Da Vinci Code from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has everything fans of the movie will enjoy

The Equalizer: Nice hardware store employee turns out to have great vigilante skills. Excellent

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - 2011 version: Excellent remake not sensibly different from the original until the last twenty minutes.

The Happening - M. Night Shyamalan: Excellent end of the world thriller even if you are not a Shyamalan fan.

The Hunt For Eagle One: A story you have seen before but it is well done.

The Killer Is Loose: Escaped convicts goes after wife of cop who killed his wife in pretty good film noir DVD

The Killing Season One Blu-ray: Wait til next season to find out whodunit? I don t think so

The Legend Of Zorro: The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey: Attorney Mickey Haller is hired by a rich kid who is accused of the rape and attempted murder of a prostitute.

The Lineup Columbia Film Noir Classics 1: Movie version of fifties TV cop show is pretty good with chase scenes too

The Little Giant - Warner Gangsters Collection Vol. 4: Edward G. Robinson in tale of Chicago hood trying to become hoi-poloi

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane: Great thriller with Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen

The Lovely Bones: Suzie Salmon tells the story of her murder and the fallout that hits her family after she is gone.

The Maltese Falcon: The greatest of all film noir and it holds up very well.

The Marksman: A post cold war flick with lousy sound and lousy script.

The Mask Of Zorro: A well written, well acted, well excuted movie.

The Matt Helm Lounge: A pack of rat pack flicks that are fun if a little dated.

The Name of the Rose: Sherlock Holmes type mystery set in 1400s monastery

The Nice Guys: Great film noir comedy you are absolutely going to enjoy.

The Poker Club: Decent not great thriller where four guys hide a body and then pay the price.

The Replacement Killers: A intriguing movie well worth watching.

The River Murders: the different elements of the plot reveal themselves too quickly in this thriller

The Scenesters: An indie movie with too many things that do not quite work.

The Secret In Their Eyes: Academy Award winning mystery. Superb.

The Siege At Ruby Ridge: A surprisingly balanced treatment of a white seperatists gun runners battle with the U.S. government.

The Silence of the Lambs Blu-ray: Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster classic thriller. Go Blu-ray for the special features, maybe.

The Silencers: An excellent funny spy movie.

The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales: Mexican dark comic mystery. Interesting and different.

The Sniper - Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics 1: Excellent and original 1950s film noir part of 5 DVD set.

The Spiral Staircase: A classic thriller from the forties.

The Taking Of Pelham 123: A hijacking in the NYC subway system leads to the emergence of an unlikely hero and an even more unlikely outcome.

The Thin Blue Line: How do you make a case against the death penalty in Texas?

The Thin Man: The classic noir film that spawned one of the most memorable series of films in mystery movie history.

The Thin Man Goes Home: The most serious mystery movie effort in the Thin Man series a solid effort.

The Tiger's Tail: Excellent non-violent identity thriller DVD

The Tourist: Not quite good enough romantic thriller.

The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo: Decent action movie with a romantic part for the girlfriend

The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book: Excellent if somewhat complex Blu-ray thriler but no special features

The Warrior: The Warrior is a great movie with heroics, emotion and action.

The Warrior Class: Decent court room thriller with romantic stuff thrown in.

The Wrecking Crew: Part of the 4 movie Matt Helm Lounge Box Set.

Three Days of the Condor: Bookworm CIA agent is on his own after his office gets wiped out.

To Live and Die in L.A.: Entertaining and great looking thriller about FBI agent against funny money maker.

Today You Die: Substandard even for a Segal movie

Tortured: Too many flashbacks take a lot away from this thriller.

Vabank: Polish comic thriller that is quite interesting

Vantage Point - 2 Disc Special Edition: The assassination of the U.S. President told through 8 different points of view. Brilliant.

Vibe Fox In A Box: The most complete Pam Grier blacksploitation collection you will find anywhere.

War Dogs- Blu-Ray and Digital HD: War Dogs is the true story of two twenty-something Americans who found a Pentagon loophole and became very successful international arms dealers … for a while

Where The Truth Lies: Kevin Bacon is brilliant but cannot save the movie.

Whiteout: U.S. Marshall in Arctic circle and not particularly suspenseful suspense.

Whoever Says The Truth Shall Die: Documentary on the life and mysterious death of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Wild Things: A weird, unevenly paced thriller that is definitely worth watching.

Wild Things 2: If you enjoyed the first the you might like the second - it is the same basic plot but with less talent and more mistakes.

Wild Things Trilogy: If you like a lot of titillation with your mystery, the Wilds Things Trilogy box set will probably please you.

Wilds Things Diamonds In The Rough: Every year, the richest senior at Blue Bay High School gets involved in some complicated plot involving the local skank or trailer trash and a lot of money.

xXx State Of The Union: SA Agent Augustus Gibbons (Jackson), fresh off the success of his last renegade recruitment, once again finds himself in need of an outsider. Gibbons and his new agent (Ice Cube) must track a dangerous military splinter group, led by Willem Dafoe, that is conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Government in the nation's capital.

Young Triffie: Very strange dark comedy mystery DVD

Z Costa-Gravas: Great police procedural and political thriller based on real events

Charlie Chan - Dangerous Money - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection: Penultimate and lesser Charlie Chan starring Sidney Toler

Charlie Chan - Dark Alibi - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection: 40th of 47 Charlie Chan movies. This one stars Sidney Toller. Very enjoyable, pristine print.

Charlie Chan - The Ring - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection: Roland Winters tries to take over from Sydney Toller in good mystery.

Agatha Christie - Murder On The Orient Express: Interesting made for TV DVD version of Christie classic

Max Allan Collins - Eliot Ness An Untouchable Life DVD: One man show where Eliot Ness tells his life story.

Michael Connelly - Blood Work Blu-ray: Excellent movie adaptation of Connelly novel

Hammer Film Noir Series - Terror Street aka 36 Hours: One of my favorite Hammer Film Noirs even if it is not a classic

Hammer Film Noir Series - The Black Glove aka Face The Music: Film noir mystery DVD that will please fans of the genre: Musician must clear his name.

Hammer Film Noir Series - The Unholy Four aka A Stranger Came Home: Not the best mystery in the second Hammer Film Noir box set

Carl Hiaasen - Striptease Blu-ray: Moore plays stripper with big ones who wants custody of her daughter

Stieg Larsson - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo DVD: Excellent adaptation of first Larsson novel in Millenium series

Dennis Lehane - Gone Baby Gone - Movie Version: Detectives look for missing kid and find more than they were looking for. Shares a title and character names with a Lehane novel.

Nancy Drew: Carolyn Keene's girl detective in her big screen debut. Good family viewing.

Nancy Drew - Nancy Drew - A Fan's Review: Nancy and her father relocate to Los Angeles and move into a mansion with a mystery behind it: The murder of a movie star at the height of her fame.

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone - Benefit of the Doubt DVD: Eighth in the series and just as good.

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone - Innocents Lost DVD: 2011 TV movie. Good but formulaic

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone - No Remorse DVD: Very moody but very good made for TV mystery

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone : Death In Paradise DVD: Third Jesse Stone DVD starring Tom Selleck, really really good mystery.

Robert B. Parker - Jesse Stone: Night Passage DVD: First Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone second DVD in the series.

Laurence Sanders - The Anderson Tapes DVD: Strange postmodern crime caper directed by Sidney Lumet with Sean Connery

Mickey Spillane - My Guy Is Quick - Mike Hammer DVD: Decent enough B movie with scenery chewing actors.