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The Burial Hour - A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

 The Burial Hour is the 13th instalment in the Lincoln Rhyme detective series by Jeffery Deaver.Rhyme is a forensic scientist who acts as a consultant on criminal investigations.  NYPD Detective Amelia Sachs is his fiancee and fellow investigator.  They are about to embark on their rather unusual destination wedding when they are called on to help with a kidnapping case, wherein a small noose is left as a chilling calling card.Unbeknownst to the authorities, the captured man is posed to ... More

Past Mortems - Life and Death Past Mortuary Doors

 Past Mortems is a good read if you are a mystery / crime fiction fan looking for something a little different and instructive between two whodunits. Carla Valentine is a Anatomical Pathology Technologist. She biographically takes you through the various steps to becoming a pathologist (coroner in the U.S, sort of), provides a history of the profession, recounts a couple of embarassing or touching moments, gets the reader inside the morgue, and shares a few somewhat gruesome but oh so ... More

Dead Man Switch

Dead Man Switch is an easy to read thriller. Someone is targeting Special Ops agents and only John Hayes can stop killer. That killer may or may not be protegee Claire Rhodes who may be innocent but have figured out what is going on before everybody else. Meanwhile, the killer is plotting to get all his targets in one easy to hit spot for a grand finale.You do not need to be familiar with Cold Barrel Zero, the previous thriller ... More

Rusty Puppy

 Rusty Puppy is one of the latest in a series of novels, novellas and short stories by Joe R. Lansdale that feature the entertaining duo of Hap Collins and Leonard Pine.  It takes place in redneck East Texas, where races rumble, and the police uphold their own agenda.  Hap and Leonard are a diverse but compatible pair.  They are as close as soul brothers could be, and they have each other's backs.Street-wise investigators without the paperwork, Hap and Leonard look ... More

The Dime

 Although The Dime is the latest novel in the growing collection by Kathleen Kent, it represents her first crime fiction, and the beginning of a new series. Detective Betty Rhyzyk is a driven, tough, and aggressive policewoman.  Law enforcement is in her family, and her blood.  Being a woman in a predominantly male profession has its challenges.  Being a gay woman brings more.After beginning her career in Brooklyn, she finds herself in Dallas where she and her partner Seth are ... More

Kill the Next One

 What an imaginative read; a psychological thrill ride!Although not his first book, Kill the Next One is the North American debut novel for Argentinian author Federico Axat.  His two previous novels have not been translated to English...yet?Ted McKay is a man on a mission.  He has a brain tumor and he wants to die.  He is just about to follow through, when a mysterious stranger is suddenly clamoring at his door.  Oddly, Justin Lynch knows exactly what Ted plans to ... More

The Silence Between Breaths

 It is an ordinary day.  People with ordinary lives are riding a train from Manchester to London. In closer quarters are a brash and exciting woman looking forward to a life of wonderful possibilities, a nervous young man going to a job interview, an exuberant family off to a wedding, an older couple on holidays, and an exasperated mother coping with a relative with dementia, a train worker collecting trash and going about his day, and a dog; all ordinary, ... More

The Obsidian Chamber - A Pendergast Mystery

 What a great read!  The Obsidian Chamber is the latest Pendergrast novel by the fabulous writing team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  It begins in the Massachusetts mansion belonging to FBI special agent Alonysius Pendergast, who is believed to have met his untimely end. His ward Constance has returned to the mansion to seek safety and isolation under the watchful eyes of Pendergast's loyal staff members.  Unfortunately, all hell breaks loose.  Her peace is shattered when she is suddenly ... More

War Dogs- Blu-Ray and Digital HD

 War Dogs is the true story of two twenty-something Americans who found a Pentagon loophole and became very successful international arms dealers … for a while. Though there is a bit more tell than show in the waw War Dogs is put to screen, the end product is an interesting movie with solid performances. Miles Teller plays David Packouz, a twenty-something college drop-out massage therapist who has a bit of larceny in him but does not quite know how to ... More


 If you are looking for a unique and edgy crime/mystery novel, Joe Ide's debut book may be the one. Isaiah Quintabe lives a tough survival of the fittest life within a raw “street” culture of posturing, gang violence, and criminal activity. He struggles with demons from his past, and ways to make things right, becoming an unintentional hero in the process. Driven and scarred by witnessing a serious unsolved crime, Isaiah teaches himself to become vigilant and notice details. ... More

The Candidate

 The Candidate is the second thriller in the Erica Sparks Newsmaker series by Lis Wiehl and Sebastian Stuart.With the U.S. Presidential election looming, the timing of Wiehl and Stuart's novel is noteworthy.  Erica Sparks is an enthusiastic and dedicated newscaster who has risen from the ranks to become a respected household name and easily recognized television personality.  Working in a highly competitive field, she finds her ratings waning as fresh faces test the market share.  She is happy to be ... More

The Wrong Side of Goodbye - A Harry Bosch Novel

 In The Wrong Side of Goodbye detective Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire to find out if he has an heir and also works for the San Fernandino PD and discovers there is a serial rapist on the loose. This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent. One of the many reasons for this is Coonnelly knows his readers are intelligent so he occasionally leaves a subtle tell that keeps them a step ahead of Bosch ... More